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Slip and Fall Recovery for Seniors and Children

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Do seniors and children have less of a case in a slip and fall claim?


Slip and Fall Recovery for Seniors and ChildrenAbout a year ago, a client came into our law firm and told us how she fell at the mall right here in Clearwater. She said that she wasn’t responsible for what had happened. Apparently, there was a defect that she couldn’t see, when she was walking into the store, and it caused her to trip. She had a pretty serious injury because of it. When we got her records, we found out that she had fallen at other times, but that didn’t excuse the mall, in this case, from creating a safe entryway. The issue became, for her, is the fact that I’ve fallen or that I’m frail or that I’m elderly mean that I don’t have a case? The answer is, no, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a case.

Every business, including ours, recognizes that all types of people come into an office or place of business. Whether it’s a store or the mall or any other business, including a residence, we all have a responsibility to make our premises safe for the people that we anticipate are going to come into our places of business. The mall obviously knew that they had elderly and sometimes infirm people coming into their stores, so they had a responsibility to make it safe for everybody. It’s our responsibility to show that, when my client falls because of the negligence of a store owner or the owner of some premises, it’s their negligence that caused the fall. Showing that requires experience, and we have 30 years of that.

Don’t believe that you don’t have a claim just because you’re either too old or too young. Nobody is perfect, and we recognize that; the law recognizes that. The law creates a responsibility on all of us to create a safe environment for the people that we invite into our homes and our businesses. That’s where experience counts. Call me if you believe that you’ve been injured because somebody else was negligent and caused you to fall. It’s okay, the law is there for all of my clients.


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