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Qualifying Medication Error Claims

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What qualifies as a medication error under Florida law?


TITLEWe’re often asked, “What qualifies as a medication error for that to be a recognized claim under Florida law?” In our experience, which is in medical liability claims and cases and goes back more than 25 years here in Florida, we have seen a number of types of medication errors, including medication errors where the wrong type of medication is prescribed by the physician, medication errors where the wrong dosage of medication or frequency of dosage of medication is prescribed, and cases involving the prescription of medication that contradicts or is contraindicated with other types of medication that the patient is already taking or is being prescribed at the same time. It can be a combination of medications, it can be the wrong dosage, the wrong frequency, and that can lead to very serious injuries and consequences.

We’ve also seen medication error cases where a person is in a hospital, or in an assisted living facility or nursing home, and the physician prescribes a certain medication and the medication isn’t actually administered to that patient as per hospital protocol, meaning that there could be a mistake by nursing staff to make sure that that person receives the medication that’s being prescribed. In addition to all of those, which are all in the medical liability or medical malpractice area of the law, we’ve also seen medication error cases involving pharmacy medication mistakes, where the pharmacist is given a script to fill a certain type of medication and they fill the medication but provide the wrong medication, or they provide the wrong dosage of medication that’s being prescribed. We’ve seen those types of cases as well.

In any of these medication error cases, it’s important to document the medication that you’re taking. If you believe you’ve been provided or prescribed the wrong medication, keep the medication, preserve it, and contact us to make sure that that evidence can be preserved. That could be very important evidence in proving that the wrong medication was prescribed to you. Make sure that you contact us early on so that we can obtain the medical records and analyze those medical records early on.

Obviously, if you believe that you have been the victim of a medical malpractice or a pharmacy medication error, contact us so that we can begin our investigation to determine if your case has merit, so that we can do our level best to make sure that you receive the full measure of compensation that you deserve for any type of medication error. Here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, we’re here to help you through this process and make sure that you get all the justice that you’re entitled to and accorded to under Florida law.


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