Common Mistakes During a Medical Malpractice Claim

Check out this video to learn about common mistakes during a medical malpractice claim in Florida. Then call Perenich Law Injury Attorneys for a free legal consultation.

What some common mistakes that people make during a medical malpractice case?

The most common mistake I see in representing clients who believe that their doctors were negligent is that they keep going back to the same doctor hoping that he or she can fix it. The best thing you can do, if you believe that you’ve been injured because of the negligence of a medical professional, is to get a second opinion. How do you know that the doctor that you go to for the second opinion isn’t going to cover for the doctor who may have caused injury? It’s a great question. We can help you answer that question.

You want to have an honest answer. You want to have a scientific, medically-based answer to the question, “Have I experienced medical malpractice?” To answer that question, you need an independent qualified medical professional. Do not make the mistake of going back to the doctor or the medical care provider who you believe has caused you injury and expect that they’re going to fix it. Usually, that professional only makes it worse, and it makes the injury more severe and makes the proof far more complex.

The best thing you can do, if you believe you’ve been injured by a doctor or a healthcare provider, is call us today because it is not in your best interest to go to the doctor. We’re going to sort through it. Maybe that doctor wasn’t negligent. Not getting a second opinion can have tragic consequences. Don’t make that mistake. Call us today.

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