Medication Error Case Value

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How much is my medication error case worth?

We’re often asked, “How much is my medication error case or claim worth in Florida?” If you’ve been the victim of a medication error – meaning it’s either a medical malpractice or a medical liability claim where the wrong medication was prescribed to you, or the wrong medication was administered to you, or it’s a pharmacy error case where the wrong type of medication was actually filled by the pharmacy and given to you – the measure of your damages in those types of cases is ultimately going to depend on what your injuries and damages are.

We here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, number one, are here to make sure that you get all the compensation that you’re entitled to. It’s going to depend upon the permanent long-lasting effects of those medication errors to you, including kind of medical care and treatment you may need in the future, what kinds of disabilities may result to you because of those medication errors, and how that impacts your ability to earn a living or how it impacts your ability to earn a living in the future. All of those factors are going to be considered to make a determination as to what the ultimate value of the claim is. We’ll analyze each and every one of those factors and give you our best considerate advice as to the reasonable value of your claim that results to injury relating to a medication error.

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