Serious Bus Accident Injuries

Were you or a loved one injured as a passenger on a bus in Clearwater? Our attorneys will help you recover compensation for your serious bus accident injuries.

What if I’m injured as a passenger on a bus?

You may be wondering how to protect your rights to compensation after being injured as a passenger on a bus. First and foremost, it’s very important that you tell the investigating police officers and the driver of that bus who you are so that they know that you were indeed injured on that bus. Many times, people will just leave the bus which is a huge mistake. They may think maybe they’re not hurt. They don’t give their information to the police or bus company and let them know that there are definite injuries that are involved. Please make sure that information is transmitted so that your identity is there.

Then, of course, it’s very important in this process that you contact your own insurance company right away so that they’re aware of that. Your own insurance may apply in that instance. Then let us help you through that process, because we want to make sure that the bus company is put on notice of your injury right away.

Many times, in a bus accident case, if you’re a passenger, there’s video on that bus. We want to make sure that video is preserved as well. We want to get our letter of representation out as soon as possible to the company to make sure that video is preserved, because many times it will show the actual mechanism of injury that you sustained during that accident which can be a critical piece of evidence in the case.

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