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Turned Down Medical Malpractice Claims

Wondering if you are eligible to receive compensation for medical malpractice? Watch this video to learn more about turned down medical malpractice cases.

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Will my medical malpractice case be turned down?


In Florida, we have a medical malpractice statute that requires the person bring the claim of medical malpractice to have verified medical opinions from qualified doctors. Turned Down Medical Malpractice ClaimsThat is an expensive process. When we look at cases involving medical malpractice, we know it’s going to be expert-driven, and we utilize some of the best experts in the United States from highly educated institutions and very reputable institutions. Many of them teach at medical schools and so forth.
One of the key issues that we look at in medical malpractice cases is if there was a breach of the prevailing standard of care and if there was harm done to that patient because of that medical malpractice. Causation is extremely important in proving those damages. Our firm incurs the costs as the case is being pursued, and we know that it has to be something that is economically reasonable, not just for the law firm, but for the patient and the patient’s family to pursue to be able to establish that claim. Florida has a very special statute that requires experts to execute affidavits to establish medical malpractice and testify at trial.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured due to hospital negligence in Florida and have questions about turned down medical malpractice claims?
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