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Personal Injury Case Value

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What determines how much my personal injury case is worth?


Personal Injury Case ValueWhen clients come to see me, the first question they often ask is, how much is my case worth? Of course, nobody knows until we fully know how severely injured the client is. The Number One determining factor in terms of the value of somebody’s claim is how severely are they hurt? Obviously, nobody wants to be hurt, but we want to get paid for what we’ve lost.

I always tell my client we’re going to focus on getting you better first. We’ve got to get you with good doctors who can help you get better. We’re going to follow the medical. Then we’re going to ask your doctors to project for us in the future what you’re going to need and how you’re going to be affected for the rest of your life from an injury. Then ultimately, we look at what the medical records show and what the doctors predict for you. Based on our experience having taken many of these cases to trial and knowing what juries do when they hear about the evidence, we can then tell our clients what the value of their case is.

The Number One goal for any personal injury client who first comes into our office is, what can we do to get you better? We’re going to let the value of your case be determined by what the medical records show and what the doctors tell us. Every client is unique. Some clients are affected differently. Some clients have a loss that others wouldn’t. We also have to know you personally. We have to get to know you as the unique individual you are and know how that if we were to present that type of evidence to a jury, how it would arrive at evaluation of your loss.

It’s a long process. We don’t want to rush it. We want to take it step by step. Hopefully, our clients aren’t injured that badly, but when they are, they want to have the assurance and guidance that they will be fully compensated for their losses. If you have questions about your injury claim or what the value of your injury is, please call me at my office because we’re here to help you.


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