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Construction Accident Insurance Investigation

The construction accident insurance investigation can often be a way to trick you into settling early. Watch this video, then call our office for a free review.

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Should I talk to insurance companies after an accident?


If you are hurt in a construction accident, a person from either your employer’s or another insurance company person will contact you. They will want to take a recorded statement from you. You may be wondering if you should get them one.Construction Accident Insurance Investigation
It’s critical that, before you give a statement, whether it’s recorded or non-recorded to anybody investigating a construction accident, that you have legal representation with you before you give that statement. The reason is because you don’t want to go in and give a statement and be confronted with questions for the very first time about how the construction accident occurred, or about your potentially prior conditions or medical care and treatment before you’ve had an opportunity to review those things with an experienced lawyer that does construction accident cases. We cooperate 100% with insurance companies and their investigators and claims adjustors in terms of providing statements from our clients in construction accident cases. However, it’s better being there with you side by side to ensure that you are fully prepared before you give a recorded or non-recorded interview to your employer or to some other person who is investigating that construction accident case.

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