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Pre-Existing Conditions

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Will pre-existing conditions effect my personal injury claim?


Pre-Existing ConditionsMany people misunderstand preexisting conditions to mean that once you’ve been injured in that part of your body, you can never make a claim for any other injury from that point going forward. The fact that somebody has suffered an injury does not insulate them against future injury.
If you have been subjected to injury because of trauma to any part of your body, that part of your body is not stronger because of the injury, it’s made weaker, which means that it’s more vulnerable to being injured even worse by subsequent trauma. Contrary to the idea from the insurance companies that somehow once somebody has a preexisting condition or preexisting injury, that they’re insulated from injury, they are actually made vulnerable to greater injury, and the extent that we can prove that trauma has caused a worsening of a condition, aggravation or exacerbation of a condition.

A client who has a bad back, but has never been given a surgical recommendation before gets in an automobile accident in Clearwater, and then the doctor says they have to have surgery. It doesn’t matter that they had a bad back before, that surgery and all the medical expenses associated from the new accident are completely compensable, regardless as to whether or not the client had preexisting conditions.

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