Medication Error Liability

Check out this video to learn who is responsible for medication error liability in Florida. Then call Perenich the Law firm for a free legal consultation.

Who can be held responsible for a medication error?


Who can be responsible for a medication error in the Clearwater area if it occurs? Well, it can be the doctor who prescribes, if it’s the wrong medication that’s being prescribed, or if the medication is being prescribed with other medication that’s contraindicated with that medication, meaning those two medications shouldn’t be taken at the same time by that person, so the doctor can be held responsible for it. A nurse can also be held responsible for it, if the doctor prescribes a certain medication and the wrong medication is administered by the nurse or the medication isn’t administered at all. We’ve seen instances of that occurring, as well. You can also have a pharmacy that might be filling the wrong medication, meaning that they’re providing a medication that isn’t the medication that the doctor is prescribing.

All of those providers can be held responsible – the pharmacy, the physician, the hospital, and potentially the nurse— depending upon the circumstances. We here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys are here to investigate those claims. If you feel that you’ve been the victim of a medication error, please contact us immediately so that we can begin investigating that claim and to give you our level best advice on what your rights and responsibilities are. If indeed it’s a meritorious claim, after we have it analyzed by experts that are in the same practicing and the same field or specialty, then we will advise you of that so that you know the best course for you to pursue the claim to receive the compensation that you deserve.

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