Medical Malpractice Liability

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Who is responsible for my medical malpractice injury?


Sometimes a client will ask whether or not a doctor is automatically responsible if an operation or a procedure doesn’t go well. Medical Malpractice Liability On the one hand, a bad medical outcome doesn’t automatically indicate bad medicine. On the other hand, we really need to look at the procedures that were involved in the case and make sure that the hospital or those that were attending the procedure were doing what they should have done.
Oftentimes, doctors are required to adhere to checklists, and so we want to not only make sure that the hospital had all the right checklists in place and all the right procedures, but that those were actually followed. That’s what’s important, and it’s critically important that the client consult with the attorney who has experience, who has handled these types of cases, and who can navigate the medical intricacies involved in these things to determine whether there is medical malpractice.

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