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Emotional Damages

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Can I be compensated for emotional damages?


Florida Law allows for people who’ve been injured by the negligence of others to recover all of their losses. Commonly, we think about that in terms of monetary losses including missed time at work and medical bills. Emotional DamagesMany times, people come to our firm and they don’t even want to talk about their accident because they’ve suffered horrendous emotional trauma because of an injury. An injury can be extremely painful, limit your lifestyle, and it can affect your relationships. All those things are what we call the emotional damages. All of the emotional damages are fully compensable under Florida law in a personal injury action.
Our job is to work them up. We want to have mental health counselors or therapists help document those losses and talk to the other family members and see how sometimes an injury can change the personality of our clients, and it has a ripple effect that can be adverse and reach far into the future. Our job, when we have a personal injury claim, is to make sure that we get compensation for all the damages, including the emotional damages.

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