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After a Truck Accident

Were you or a loved one recently injured in a big rig accident? Watch this video to find out what you should do after a truck accident. Free consultation.

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What should I do after a commercial truck accident?


I’ve been asked, “What are the best things to do after an accident with a commercial truck, here in Florida?” After a Truck AccidentNumber one, anyone who’s been injured in a truck accident needs to get medical treatment. Number two, contact an attorney with experience in truck accident cases. Sometimes, the insurance companies that represent these trucking companies will send somebody to the scene within minutes of it occurring, and so it’s important that you get a hold of an attorney who understands the urgency of investigating the scene. They will be getting statements from witnesses, taking photographs of the vehicles involved and tire marks, making sure that the truck complied with all of the requirements under the law, that the driver was properly disposed to driving the vehicle, and that they weren’t intoxicated.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured after a commercial vehicle crash in Florida and have questions about what to do after a truck accident?
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