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Bicycle Accident Insurance Investigation

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Should I talk to an insurance company after a bicycle accident?


Bicycle Accident Insurance InvestigationOne of the worst things that somebody can do after they’ve been injured on a bicycle is talk to the insurance company for the car that hit them. That insurance company has one goal and one goal only, which is either to minimize or eliminate any potential claim that injured client has.
Under no circumstances should a statement be given to the insurance company for the negligent motorist that causes the bicyclist to sustain an injury. There’s no requirement under the law that you have to give a statement. The person who represents the insurance company never has the interest of the bicyclist in mind when they’re getting that statement.
Of course, the rules of the road are going to play a large measure in determining who’s negligent and who’s responsible. People can make statements that they don’t mean to make because they don’t understand how the accident happened or they don’t understand the specific laws that the motorist may have broken. You can actually jeopardize your claim in a significant and serious way by speaking to the insurance company of the motorist that caused you to suffer an injury.

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