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Pedestrian Injured by a Distracted Driver

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Do I have a claim if I was a pedestrian injured by a distracted driver?


Pedestrian Injured By a Distracted DriverFlorida recently passed a law, signed by our governor, about texting and driving, or “distracted driving.” It’s an offense; you can be cited for it as a moving violation. That also is important to keep in mind, and it’s become absolutely a horrible problem that we all have to deal with. If you’re reading this and you live in Clearwater, as I do, then my bet is you have seen your fellow motorists looking down at their phone or typing on their phone, sometimes while they’re stopped at a light and sometimes when they’re going through a light, or sometimes when they’re driving on US-19 in Clearwater. I know I’ve seen it, so it’s my guess that you’ve seen it, too.

If you’ve been injured because somebody was a distracted driver, and you thought you were safe as a pedestrian, you have a claim, and it matters. It matters because they were breaking the law, of course, but they were also violating their responsibility to you to be a safe driver. I do this now almost universally in all of my cases; I send a letter to the responsible party that they have a duty under the law to preserve the evidence of their mobile devices. If they don’t, we can now go to the court and say that we presume they were distracted drivers.

We have to adapt to the world that we live in. Sometimes we think that our society is becoming safer, and then we find out that everybody’s on their phone in their cars and we realize that we’re probably less safe than we ever were. The evidence that we can get from mobile telephones can oftentimes answer that question, but that evidence can be lost. I have experience securing that evidence in cases involving distracted drivers. Do not let another day go by without hiring me to help you.

If you’ve been injured because you were a pedestrian and you think that the driver that caused the accident was distracted, let me help you get that evidence right away. It’s important, and it brings value to your claim.


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