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Timeline For a Personal Injury Settlement

Watch this video to find out how long it may take to recover a personal injury settlement in Florida. Then call Perenich the Law Firm for a free consultation.


How long will my personal injury settlement case take?


Timeline for a Personal Injury Settlement | Perenich Law Injury AttorneysWhen I’m asked how long it takes to settle a personal injury claim in Florida, I first say, it varies on the type of case. In general, from the low end, we’ve settled cases as quickly as two to three months after we were brought on board as the lawyers to as little as four, five, six months after we’re retained on the case. Sometimes the case is more complicated and it can take longer than that. If we have to file a lawsuit, sometimes the case will take up to a year or more before we’re able to settle the case. The main thing to keep in mind is it’s not just how quickly the case is settled; it’s how well it is settled in terms of making sure that our clients receive absolutely the fullest extent of compensation that they’re entitled to under the law.


Were you or a loved one injured due to the carelessness of someone else in Clearwater and have questions about the timeline for a personal injury settlement? Contact our experienced Clearwater Personal Injury Attorneys at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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“The way your law firm handled my case for me was incredible. You took the stress of an unpleasant experience and settled it in the most professional way possible. I am truly grateful and will always recommend you to all my friends. Thank you.”
– Bill Baker
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