Bus Accident Settlement Timeline

Do you have questions about the bus accident settlement timeline? Watch this video to find out how long it may take to recover compensation.

How long will my bus accident case take?

You may be hoping to ask, “How long is this whole process going to take for me to get this claim resolved?” The short answer is it is entirely up to you, but if you want to get the best possible results, then we’re going to take as long as we need to. You’ve been injured in a bus accident and you are just now starting to appreciate what’s happened to you. What you think has happened to you today may be completely different from what you realize has happened to you six months from now or a year from now. The doctors are not going to know until they’ve had an opportunity to fully examine you, to treat you, to see how you respond to that treatment, and to see what your future medical needs may be.

Those are the critical parts of your claim that we’re going to take our time with to make sure that are fully understood before we determine the value of the claim. Determining the value cannot be figured out today. It’s going to take time for your medical case to develop. Over time, once it develops and we have relatively good confidence that we understand the full extent of your injuries and how they’ll affect you the rest of your life, only then will we be in a position to resolve your claim or be in the process to resolve your claim.

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