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Dog Bite Injuries

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What injuries can occur from a dog bite?


Dog bite injury cases against children are some of the saddest cases because children are so innocent. Usually, they simply want to pet a dog. Sometimes the injuries can involve very terrible scarring. When it involves a child, it’s especially heartbreaking, especially for the parents.Dog Bite Injuries
We also see dog bite injury cases where a dog jumps in front of a vehicle and the vehicle has to take evasive action. That might be a viable dog injury case against the owner of that dog that didn’t maintain control over them. We see cases where a dog will run out from a yard and attack a bicyclist who’s traveling by the owner’s house. We see all kinds of dog bite injury cases. Let us help you through that process because we have experience in dog bite injury cases. We’re going to put that experience to use for you to make sure that there’s documentation, and that the proper authorities have been put on notice.

Florida has a law that states that the owner of a “dangerous dog” is strictly liable for the injuries that the dog causes. The law in Florida allows for strict liability to apply to the owner of that dog that is not properly controlling that animal whether or not that owner knows if that dog has the propensity to be dangerous, or to bite, or attack somebody else.

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