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Role of Expert Witnesses

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What is the role of expert witnesses in personal injury cases in Florida?


Role of Expert WitnessesI am asked at times what is the role of expert witnesses in cases both in our area in the Clearwater area and throughout the state of Florida. Expert witness testimony is very important in cases, especially when we go to court when we’re in trial and we’re utilizing experts with their special knowledge, skill, and experience to prove a fact to the jury, the fact finder. I also tell my clients that we don’t rely exclusively on expert witnesses to prove our cases; we rely on testimony from our own clients, from the client’s family members, from eyewitnesses, other people that are involved in the case. The expert testimony is there to compliment and help to establish the claim.

As the party or the plaintiff bringing the case, we do have the burden of proof. We do have wonderful experts that we bring forward into the courtroom when we try cases. We’re very knowledgeable and familiar with the experts. We want to make sure that those experts are the very highest caliber of experts not just in our area but throughout the country when we do retain experts outside of the state.

If you have any questions relating to expert witness testimony in cases, we’re here to answer your calls. Call us here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys. We’re experienced in expert testimony. We’re there to make the best presentation in court for you and your family.


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