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Truck Accident Settlement Timeline

Do you have questions about the truck accident settlement timeline? Watch this video to find out how long it may take to recover compensation in Florida.

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How long will my truck accident case take?


You may be wondering after your truck accident, “How long is this going to take?” There’s a sense of urgency to get a case wrapped up, but the problem is you can’t do it successfully without taking some time to get it right. Truck Accident Settlement TimelineYou can’t go to the insurance company or the commercial trucking company and say, “Give us a little bit now and we’ll come back for more later.”
We’ve got to put a case together and it’s going to take time, and we want to have that case fully developed on both the injury side and the negligence side before it’s resolved. Sometimes that requires that we file a lawsuit. We make that decision because we know there’s value in doing so and that it has greater value for us to get into a posture of prosecuting the claim in a formalized context where we have subpoena power, the ability to get actual records, and the ability to get actual documentation and proof of the negligence of the commercial truck driver.
All of those are what makes a claim valuable, which means that we’ve got to take time. Be patient and give yourself the opportunity to let your lawyer do everything they can. Sometimes that can take years.

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