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Motorcycle Accident Case Value

Are you wondering how much your personal injury case might be worth? Watch this video to learn about motorcycle accident case value.

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How much is my motorcycle accident case worth?


When I determine how much a case is worth, we’re going to have to understand the insurance situation first. We want to be able to find a basis of recovery for your injuries, and depending on what we find in terms of the ability to pay for your injuries, Motorcycle Accident Case Valuewe’re going to have to work up the way in which this accident has affected you. You probably want to get your bike fixed and get back on the road, and that’s understandable, but before we do that, we want to get you healthy first.
Unfortunately, because of the forces that are at play in a motor vehicle versus a motorcycle, people can be pretty severely hurt. They can have traumatic brain injury and all kinds of injury to their spine, from their neck all the way down their back and, of course, every other part of their body. When we figure that out, that’s going to tell us what the value of the claim is. We want to get value for payment of all your medical bills, payment for all your future medical care, and compensation for any way in which this accident has limited you in the future, including emotional pain and suffering, and lost wages. All those are going to be factors that we examine to determine the value of your motorcycle injury claim.

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