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Do I need an attorney to pursue a medication error claim?

If the question is, “Do you think I need an attorney to pursue a medical malpractice case or a medication error case, here in Florida or in the Clearwater area?” the answer is unequivocally, unapologetically, yes. You cannot go it alone in terms of representing yourself in a medical liability claim or a medication error claim in the state of Florida. Under no circumstances should you ever even try to go it alone without having competent, qualified, experienced legal representation by a medical malpractice attorney.

The reason for that is these cases are some of the most complex cases that we see here in Florida, in terms of personal injury claims. I’ve been devoting the last 25 years of my practice to these types of claims, and I would have to tell you that almost every single medical malpractice claim that I’ve handled or medication error claim that I’ve handled has a unique aspect to it, meaning they’re not all the same or similar to each other. They’re all different, and many times they’re substantially different from each other. They require expert analysis. They require a devotion to the study of the science that is the medicine to establish that one or more medical providers failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances or deviated below the professional prevailing standard of care. That’s the bar that we have to show. We have to show that deviation, and you can only show that by establishing through the medicine and what is accepted as the prevailing professional standard of care by the best experts in the country to establish that there was in fact a breach or deviation in that standard of care. That process is expensive. We pay for all those expenses upfront, and we’re reimbursed those at the end of the case if we are indeed successful in making a claim and receiving compensation on behalf of you or a family member.

If you feel you’ve been the victim of medical malpractice, contact us right away. We are here to help you through this process. I’m here to make sure that you are getting the representation that you deserve so that you can get the just result that you deserve, to make sure that you are indeed protected in the future and that the claim is remediated so that you are fully made whole for that mistake that occurred to you that should not have. Here at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys we’re here to help you through this process. Contact us if you have any questions about a medical malpractice or medical liability claim.

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