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Poorly Maintained Road

Did a poorly maintained road cause your motorcycle accident? Consult with our Clearwater attorneys today to find out how you can recover full compensation.

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What if a poorly maintained road caused my accident?


Clients often want to know whether or not they would have a claim if they suffered injury because the roads were poorly maintained. If you run over a pothole in a car, it’s really a non-event, but if a motorcyclist were to do that, it could be devastating. Poorly Maintained RoadTypically, that is a claim that we would investigate, where we would look to the agency who’s responsible for maintaining those roads and determine whether or not they were on notice of a dangerous condition or a deteriorated condition that could foreseeably result in injury to motorcyclists. Just because it may be a non-event to somebody driving a car or pickup truck, doesn’t mean that it’s safe for motorcyclists.
The agencies that are responsible for maintaining our roads have to think about motorcyclists as much as anybody else. We can investigate the claim and find out that they were on notice of a dangerous condition or failed to adhere to a policy that was in place for the maintenance of those roads, and that resulted in injury to a motorcyclist, then we can prosecute those claims.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by a poorly maintained road?
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