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Partial Fault Bicycle Accident

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What if I’m partially responsible for my bicycle accident?


In Florida, there is something called comparative fault. When someone is partially at fault for causing their accident, Partial Fault Bicycle Accidentwe can still pursue the claim, but the issue of comparative fault may indeed apply if a jury or a judge determines that person also failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances. That’s what negligence is defined as under Florida law.
If you’re thinking about pursuing a claim for injuries related to a bicycle accident and you’re concerned that you believe that you may have been partially responsible, it’s best that you contact our firm so that we can evaluate the case to determine what, if any, comparative fault you may have had in that. We can make a determination on that. Comparative fault will apply in bicycle accidents, but it should not dissuade you from contacting our firm for us to evaluate the case to see if your injuries may still be partially or fully compensable depending upon the facts of the case in our investigation. Let us look into it for you and we’ll be able to give you our best advice and recommendations.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured while riding a bike in Florida and have questions about partial fault bicycle accidents?
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