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Man Hit by a Train in Tampa Bay
A man was hit by a train in Tampa Bay Tuesday morning near Lowry Park, according to the Tampa Police Department. The train crash occurred just east of Busch Boulevard and N Boulevard intersection around 11 a.m., police officers said. The agency said early reports indicate the man may have been lying near the tracks at the time of the[...]
Five Injured at Ulmerton Road and 66th Street
Three vehicles were involved in a crash at Ulmerton Road and 66th Street on November 9, 2022. The crash involved three cars, and at least one car was severely damaged. Local firefighters needed to pry at least one occupant from a vehicle to get them to safety. Five people went by ambulance to a hospital, including two young children. Four[...]
S.R. 39 Pileup Kills Five People
PLANT CITY — An infant, and five others, were victims in an S.R. 39 pileup on October 30, 2022. The crash happened around 9:20 p.m. A person driving a Ford Explorer was driving north on S.R. 39, crossed the center line just north of Bruton Road, and collided nearly head-on with a person driving a Nissan Frontier pickup, the Florida[...]

Wrong-Way Wreck on I-4

A wrong-way wreck on I-4 early Monday morning resulted in over 100 gallons of fuel spilled on the highway. A 58-year-old man from Temple Terrace was charged with DUI and driving his SUV in the wrong direction. He collided with a semi traveling eastbound at the time. The Temple Terrance man suffered minor injuries, as did the truck driver, a 50-year-old[...]
DeLand Man Killed on I-4
A 67-year-old DeLand man was killed on I-4 Tuesday, November 1, 2022. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the man suffered a medical emergency. Troopers said the crash happened on Interstate 4 in Hillsborough County near mile marker 16, east of Fritzke Road. FHP said the man was traveling westbound on I-4 and suddenly had a medical emergency and lost[...]
Pedestrian Killed on Hillsborough Avenue
TAMPA — A pedestrian was killed on Hillsborough Avenue on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. The Tampa Police Department said the accident occurred in the 2900 block of Hillsborough Avenue. The identity of the pedestrian, the driver, and information about the driver's vehicle are not available to the public.
car accident attorneys
If you were in a car crash, you may have questions about when to get an attorney for a car accident. People choose to hire lawyers at all different stages after a crash. While there are some benefits to partnering with a lawyer at certain times, you'll likely find that an attorney can help you during any stage of the[...]
After a car accident in Florida, take immediate action. When accidents result in injury or $500 or more in damage, inform law enforcement. Since this is a fairly low damage threshold, it stands to reason most accidents will require police notification. Another important note is that insurance companies have different requirements for reporting accidents. After a car accident, review your[...]
As the victim of a car accident, you may have the right to sue the at-fault party (or parties) for financial compensation. If you pursue a lawsuit, you will have to attend and answer questions in a formal interview known as a deposition. Having a car accident lawyer can help with this process.  Let’s look at what a deposition is[...]
car accident lawyers for sideswipe collisions
Sideswipe collisions are more common than many of us think. Victims of these accidents can suffer severe injuries because of how their car is struck. When someone strays out of their lane or fails to notice another car in an intersection, these accidents can cause severe bodily injury and property damage. Reaching out to a car accident lawyer should be[...]
car accident attorney
Disaster usually comes when we least suspect it, and it can come from just about any direction. A rear-end collision is a moment that catches you unaware as you watch helplessly in the rearview mirror as someone plows into your vehicle from behind. Unfortunately, rear-end collisions are common and levy a large amount of damage. That damage goes beyond your[...]
Bradenton Man Died after Hitting Parked Car
After a car accident, you have to deal with the physical and emotional consequences. You naturally begin to worry about adequate medical care and missing shifts from your job. If another party is liable for the crash, the law could entitle you to compensation. However, a different issue arises when you seek reimbursement. Usually, you need to file a claim[...]

Head-On Car Collisions

Spring Hill Woman Killed in Multiple Vehicle Collision
The words "head-on collision" are enough to make even the most seasoned first responder's blood run cold. Traffic accidents claim the lives of thousands of people every year, and one of the most serious is a head-on collision. Head-on collisions are responsible for some of the most serious injuries and often result in fatalities. If you were in a head-on[...]
car accident attorneys
Car accidents are often more than just an inconvenience. Every car accident disrupts lives and impacts the victim's well-being. Whether financial, physical, or mental, you need to know who is liable for the accident and what steps to take to ensure the at-fault party is held accountable. The problem is that fault is not always easy to assign, and more[...]
Car Accident Settlement Timeline in Florida area
When you suffer injuries in a car accident, your bills add up fast. You likely have medical bills to manage and vehicle repairs to cover. Severe injuries can cause you to miss out on time at work, leading to further financial challenges. Unfortunately, car accident settlements do not often progress smoothly. In many cases, especially those involving injuries, it can[...]