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Filing an injury claim can end up causing a lot of complexity and headaches. What should you expect as you move through the process? Bringing in a personal injury lawyer can make it much easier[...]
car accident attorney
Disaster usually comes when we least suspect it, and it can come from just about any direction. A rear-end collision is a moment that catches you unaware as you watch helplessly in the rearview mirror[...]
personal injury lawyers
Accidents disrupt people’s daily lives, leading to stressful medical bills and time lost from work. Because of the financial stress, many people want to know the value of their personal injury case. Confusingly, one person[...]
Bradenton Man Died after Hitting Parked Car
After a car accident, you have to deal with the physical and emotional consequences. You naturally begin to worry about adequate medical care and missing shifts from your job. If another party is liable for[...]
personal injury lawyers
The effect of a truck accident can be life-altering in ways that a victim never expected. One moment they are driving their vehicle, and the next moment they find themselves in a medically critical situation[...]
Bicycle Crash on 22nd Avenue N
No one gets on a bicycle expecting their ride to end in disaster. But sometimes, that’s what happens. Even the safest bike riders cannot avoid getting into a crash when someone else engages in reckless[...]

Head-On Car Collisions

Spring Hill Woman Killed in Multiple Vehicle Collision
The words "head-on collision" are enough to make even the most seasoned first responder's blood run cold. Traffic accidents claim the lives of thousands of people every year, and one of the most serious is[...]
Does Personal Injury Include Emotional Distress?
Getting hurt in an accident can take a heavy toll on your life. Injuries commonly cause physical pain and discomfort. And medical bills, unplanned expenses, and missed time at work can put you under heavy[...]
How Much A Lawyer Cost After A Truck Accident
Victims of truck accidents frequently must contend with serious injuries and considerable financial losses. They often feel overwhelmed by the multiple, simultaneous challenges of healing, missing work or school, and paying for unexpected medical bills[...]
Find an Injury Accident Lawyer
In most personal injury cases, once they become aware of the accident and the potential claims for damages, insurance companies will act quickly to take charge of the claims process. In many cases, victims of[...]
The careless and reckless actions of others sometimes result in a brainstem injury. The brainstem plays a vital role in bodily function, and like other parts of the brain, it does not heal easily from[...]
car accident attorneys
Car accidents are often more than just an inconvenience. Every car accident disrupts lives and impacts the victim's well-being. Whether financial, physical, or mental, you need to know who is liable for the accident and[...]

Mastering Mass Torts

Our firm is dedicated to protecting patients and consumers from harmful drugs, unreasonably dangerous products, environmental contamination and unsafe buildings. The genesis of mass torts litigation can be traced primarily to asbestos and tobacco cases[...]
Perenich Law Injury Attorneys
In 1955, Guy Perenich began practicing law in the Tampa Bay area representing families and individuals who had suffered injury and death due to the negligence of others. Decades later, his three sons, Terence, Greg,[...]
Attorney Tim Perenich
Attorney Tim Perenich discusses why Perenich The Law Firm provides top-notch service to every client. Every client deserves justice after an accident. Give us a call today for a free legal consultation at 727-669-2828.