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Gregory Perenich
15 July 2022

Vehicle Dragged a Woman 50 Feet in St. Cloud

Vehicle Dragged a Woman 50 Feet in St. Cloud

A hit-and-run vehicle dragged a woman 50 feet after a car hit her and her friend while they were riding bicycles Monday, July 11, 2022.

Jenna Allen and her friend were riding bicycles when a car hit them in St. Cloud, Florida. The car dragged Jenna around 50 feet or more before it left the scene, leaving her with a brain injury and hearing loss.

Her mom, Donna Allen, told NBC affiliate WESH, “She’s got a fractured skull and is bleeding from her nose and ears.”

Jenn’s friend survived the wreck with minor injuries. The girls went to a hospital following the crash.

The Florida Highway Patrol is searching for a Sebring sedan. No further details about the vehicle or driver are released.