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Gregory Perenich
27 July 2022

Tampa Man’s Boat Exploded Unexpectedly

Tampa Man's Boat Exploded Unexpectedly

A Tampa man’s boat exploded during a day out on the water with his family in Ft. Pierce on July 25, 2022.

The man was out on his boat celebrating a family reunion when he noticed the boat’s engine stopped working.

Without notice, the boat’s engine exploded. “It was like someone had a flame thrower, and it blew up on me,” the man explained.

After being in a coma for nine days and 18 days in the ICU, the Tampa man is back home recovering. Now, he makes a trip to the burn center in Bradenton once a week.

Due to his severe burns, the man said he can’t spend more than a few minutes outside. He can’t go to work and needs someone to help with everyday activities.