Permanent paralysis is among the most catastrophic and life-altering effects that any traumatic accident can have. Knowing that another person’s negligence is to blame for this type of injury can be devastating and infuriating. While financial compensation may not be able to completely restore you to your pre-injury condition, holding the person who harmed you accountable for their actions could be key to preserving your future and maximizing your quality of life.

You should strongly consider speaking with a Tampa paralysis injury lawyer if you were recently in an accident that left you with a temporary or permanent loss of motor or sensory function. If you can establish that another person is legally responsible for causing your injury, you could make them pay for the harm your injury will cause you to suffer. Call today to schedule a free consultation with one of the compassionate catastrophic injury attorneys at our firm.

What Types of Injuries Can Cause Permanent Paralysis?

Paralysis generally stems from a disconnect between the brain and the nerves of a specific part or area of the body. The most common way this happens is through trauma to the spinal cord since the spinal cord is the main pathway through which all nervous system signals travel on their way up to the brain and down to the various nerve endings throughout the body.

The specific type of paralysis that this sort of injury may cause depends on the segment of the spinal cord where the injury occurs. Damage to the lowermost lumbar spine or the lower portion of the thoracic spine may result in paraplegia of the lower limbs and torso. Damage in the upper part of the thoracic spine and especially in the cervical spine near the neck may cause quadriplegia, or paralysis of the entire torso and all four limbs.

Other types of nervous injuries may cause more unique types of paralysis. For example, brain trauma and certain medical conditions like strokes can lead to hemiplegia in just the left or right side of the body, and localized nerve damage near the shoulders or hips may cause monoplegia in a single arm or leg. Our dedicated Tampa lawyers could help you demand comprehensive compensation for any form of paralysis caused by someone else’s negligence.

Common Causes of Paralysis

Various types of accidents can lead to paralysis. For example, a drunk driver may collide, head-on, with an oncoming SUV, causing the car to catapult into the air, smash onto the ground, and pin down the occupants. Likewise, a patron at a mall may spill their drink onto the slippery second floor, leading another unsuspecting customer to slide, lose their footing, and experience a back-breaking fall down the escalator.

Medical mistakes may also lead a patient or nursing home resident to sustain a paralyzing condition. For example, a neglected resident at a memory care center may wander off through the halls unattended, trip on clutter on the floor, and crack their neck on a stray medical cart. Additionally, a reckless surgeon may inadvertently sever someone’s nerves during spinal cord surgery to relieve ongoing back pain.

Negligent delivery protocols may also lead a newborn baby to sustain a debilitating spinal injury because of the improper use of forceps or a vacuum by the birthing team.

Regardless of the cause of the paralyzing condition, if someone else’s actions are to blame for what occurred, one of our skilled Tampa attorneys could help you file a legal claim. Doing so with the help of a qualified professional minimizes the potential impact a lawsuit could have on your ability to focus on healing.

The Cost of a Paralysis Injury

Because of the impacts not being able to move one’s limbs properly can have on someone’s ability to function, the overall costs can be quite immense. For example, you may need life-saving emergency care to stabilize your condition, as well as ongoing physical therapy to help you regain function, even with motor or sensory limitations. Additionally, being unable to move or feel your limbs or different parts of your body may be an incredible roadblock, preventing you from participating in enjoyable activities or gaining employment.

A fair settlement should provide you with comprehensive compensation to respond to the expansive and, in many cases, unavoidable costs of living with a paralyzing condition. Many factors can impact the financial award you receive—including whether you file your claim within the legal timeframe and the type of allegations you are making against the at-fault party. Likewise, the percentage of fault—e.g., contributory negligence, found in Florida Statutes § 768.81—you carry for what occurred may also impact how much you receive.

Under this legal theory, the court may reduce how much you get in damages based on how much your conduct contributed to your injuries—as expressed in a percentage. And, if the judge thinks you are 50 percent or more at fault for what occurred, you may not be able to recover anything. Contributory fault laws do not apply to every type of case or situation, so consulting with an experienced Tampa paralysis injury attorney is the most effective way to determine if they may be a factor in your case.

Recovering Fairly Within Filing Deadlines

When filing suit over a paralyzing injury, it is important to account for both the short- and long-term effects the injury will have, including:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost work income or working ability
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Lost enjoyment of life, including lost consortium
  • Personal property damage, plus disability-related expenses like home/vehicle modifications

Depending on the type of accident that led to the injury, Fla. Stat. § 95.11 may allow only two or four years after the injury first occurred for a civil claim to proceed. Thus, contacting a paralysis accident lawyer in Tampa quickly after getting hurt can be key to preserving your right to file suit.

Consider Working With a Tampa Paralysis Injury Attorney

Paralysis is a devastating outcome for any accident to have, especially one which you played no part in causing. Fortunately, you have legal options for seeking financial recovery, as well as assistance from seasoned legal counsel in getting the fair payments you need for your losses.

A Tampa paralysis injury lawyer at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys could be your ally from the beginning to the end of your legal proceedings. Call today to learn how our team of three brothers helping others could work for you.

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