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Terence Perenich
14 July 2022

Woman Hospitalized after Hit-and-Run in St. Pete

Woman Hospitalized after Hit-and-Run in St. Pete

A St. Petersburg man and his girlfriend are hospitalized after a hit-and-run in St. Pete on July 13, 2022.

Around 1 a.m., the couple ordered a ride share and were on their way home. Their car stopped at the intersection of 4th Ave. North, and 3rd St. North. The SUV they were in had a green light. Then, a champagne-colored Infiniti ran the light crash into the SUV. The impact from the other car caused the SUV to roll several times.

The couple, and their driver, were all injured.

According to St. Pete Police, the driver and the passenger in the Infiniti got out and left the scene.

The man and the woman whose care was hit went to Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg Wednesday morning. The woman might have to have surgeries due to her injuries.

Police are still looking for the driver and passenger of the Infiniti.