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Slip and Fall Warning Sign

Did you trip and fall around a wet floor sign and wonder if you still have a claim? Watch this video to learn how a slip and fall warning sign impacts a claim.

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Will a warning sign impact my slip and fall claim?


Slip and Fall Warning SignSometimes when a person is injured in a slip and fall, there’s a warning code or sign in the area where the slip and fall occurred. The question is, will that person still have a claim? Maybe there was a slippery or foreign substance on the floor. What we’re looking for in those cases is if that warning gave you sufficient notice of that condition. Just because there’s a warning in place, doesn’t mean that you don’t have a winnable slip and fall claim. The question then turns to, was that warning reasonable? Is it a warning that was open and obvious and should have been seen? Many times, we find that these warning cones get put out, but nobody sees them because they’re out of the way.

The second issue with regard to that is the duty of the property owner not putting up a warning cone or a warning sign when they become aware that there’s a condition that can cause somebody to have a slip and fall. Did they take remedial steps within a reasonable period of time to correct and take that condition away completely? The law requires them to act reasonably under the circumstance, and just by merely placing a warning sign or cone is not sufficient.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a slip and fall accident in Florida and are wondering if a warning sign can impact your potential claim?
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