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Gregory Perenich
14 April 2019

The Justice Department Fights for Consumers

The Justice Department Fights for ConsumersThe Obama Administration has recently stated it’s commitment to blocking Healthcare mergers that could put a stranglehold on competition. The Justice Department’s Anti-Trust Chief, Christine Varney recently explained that a vigorous enforcement of Anti-Trust laws is absolutely vital to the success of the new healthcare law, especially to prevent a steep rise in premiums.

The Anti-Trust division affirmed it’s priority to hold insurance companies accountable and stand with the rights of patients against unfair monopolies.

“[We are] committed to vigorously, but responsibly, scrutinizing mergers in the health care industry that appear to present a competitive concern”, stated the Mrs. Varney to the American Health Lawyers Association;” If we determine that our initial concerns were well-founded, we will not hesitate to block the merger or to require the settlement concessions necessary to protect consumers.”

According to the Huffington Post, big insurers are growing and solidifying their domination of the market. Many states have one or two large carriers that wield most of the power over the insurance market, causing a large increase in premiums. Many groups representing both consumers and Doctors alike have protested this dangerous trend.

At Perenich Law Injury Attorneys, we stand with the consumer against the insurance companies and affirm the rights of the sick to receive quality care and treatment by good doctors. Oftentimes insurance companies, believing that their policy holders will have no alternative, freely deny coverage for a legitimate claim. We have represented many of these consumers in their fight for justice. We applaud the efforts to prevent mergers that prevent an unfair marketplace and excessive temptation for poor treatment of consumers.