Slip and Fall Accidents

Have you been involved in a slip and fall accident?

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PERENICH The Law Firm has an experienced legal team to represent slip and fall accident victims, including consumers who have suffered slip and fall accidents or other fall injuries due to negligent businesses who have failed to make customer safety the number one priority.
At PERENICH The Law Firm, our aggressive slip and fall attorneys make protecting your safety their number one priority. Store owners fail their customers when they cut staff for the sake of enhancing profits, at the cost of maintaining a clean, orderly and safe place for the public. The premises liability attorneys at PERENICH The Law Firm are here to explain your rights.

Tampa Bay Slip and Fall Lawyers

As experienced slip and fall lawyers, we understand your right to enjoy safe premises upon private property, as well as, your right to be safe from the criminal actions that can be a foreseeable risk to the public. If you have been injured on private property, our slip and fall attorneys are here to help. The premises liability attorneys at PERENICH The Law Firm can provide the legal counsel you need to win your case.

Slip and fall lawyers understand that as Floridians, we expect that our consumers and visitors will be afforded the basic protections to which we are all entitled. Whether it is a cruise ship, a hotel room, or a mall parking lot, consumers have the right to expect that these places will not be havens for predators to stalk the innocent. Some of the most horrific injuries come at the hands of a third person that could have been stopped or deterred with simple measures like providing security personnel, proper lighting, or warning signals in case of danger. In some cases, the criminal could be an employee who was not properly screened or supervised. Our team of Tampa Bay premises liability attorneys is here to ensure that your rights are protected.

Slip and fall lawyers understand that the public expects to be afforded the basic protections to which we are all entitled.

The slip and fall lawyers at PERENICH The Law Firm recognize that consumers are entitled to seek recourse for injuries that occur on the private property of others. As slip and fall attorneys we aggressively seek the compensation that you deserve. Such action creates a safer community and a better business model for everyone, in which the customer is truly valued. Contact PERENICH The Law Firm to speak to one of our experienced premises liability attorneys today.