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Gregory Perenich
26 January 2021

Rear End Crash Liability

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Do I need a lawyer if I was rear ended?


I just got an email a week ago from a potential client. He asked me if he had a claim. He said he was rear ended. He said in the email, since I was rear ended, I probably don’t need a lawyer. Can you just confirm that for me?

The law in Florida is that there’s no presumption. Even if you were rear ended, there’s no presumption that the other driver is at fault. It didn’t use to be that way, but the law evolved. Now, the courts say the evidence will determine who’s responsible.

That means that anybody who was rear ended in an accident needs to speak to me right away. Don’t rely on the goodwill of an insurance company adjuster or a lawyer hired by an insurance company to just trust you when you say, I was safely stopped at the traffic light or I was slowing down for traffic ahead and then I got rear ended as if they’re not going to blame you at all. They do blame drivers like that. They will do the same thing to you. I’m just telling you that based on my experience. Don’t leave it to chance.

We have to prove the other driver was responsible even if they rear ended my client. We can do that. We have the tools and the means and the experience to establish that proof. Just because you were rear ended doesn’t mean you don’t need a lawyer; it means you have to call me. I look forward to hearing from you. I can help you out.


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