Preventing Medical Negligence

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How can I prevent medical negligence?


Our firm is focused on safety. The work that we do here, where we hold negligent doctors accountable, is fundamentally for the purpose of all of us living in a safer society. Along with that goal of a safe society, we routinely counsel our clients about how to make sure that they can avoid injury in medical settings. Preventing Medical Negligence If it’s in a hospital setting or anything else, what I tell my clients is be your own advocate, and do not ever take your hands off the steering wheel. You have to be the person, or sometimes if it’s on behalf of a loved one, making sure that there is appropriate care being administered for the situation.
A lot of us really find ourselves feeling kind of like it’s not our place to speak out in medical settings, but doctors and all medical care professionals really owe it to each patient to be able to communicate what the situation is and also to advise every patient about the potential risks. Only if there’s full communication and there’s diligence on the part of a patient can there be efforts undertaken to avoid injury that could occur in a medical setting.

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