Pedestrian Car Accidents

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What should I do if I’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident?


Recently, a client asked, “What do I do if I’ve been hit by a car?” These can be the most serious injuries that can ever occur involving a motor vehicle accident here in Florida. Pedestrian Car Accidents The most important thing that a pedestrian can do is get medical treatment. I’ve seen a situation where a pedestrian didn’t want the ambulance to take them to the hospital which is a big mistake. Get in the ambulance and go to the hospital, even if you don’t feel badly injured. Even a small injury can get worse down the road.
Go to the hospital, get checked out, and do what the doctor is telling you to do. Let it be known by everyone around you that you’ve been injured. Sometimes, sadly, the motor vehicle may not even stick around. The absolute most important thing that you have to do is call an attorney who has experience representing pedestrians and is willing to take this case all the way to a trial.

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Out of Town Legal Resources

Occasionally we hear from people injured in other areas of the country. We found this personal injury lawyer in Vienna, VA that did a great job with their online legal resources. If you or someone you know is ever injured in a pedestrian accident in Virginia, take a look at their online pedestrian accident resource page.