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Should I speak with an insurance company after a pedestrian accident?


One of the biggest mistake that clients make after they’ve been injured as pedestrians is giving statements to the insurance company of the negligent motorist that caused their injury. Pedestrian Accident Insurance Negotiations It is absolutely critical that anybody who’s been injured as a pedestrian never speak to the insurance company for the at-fault motorist unless they have consulted with a lawyer and hired our firm to help them with that. We’re typically not going to facilitate that type of a conversation because there’s usually no need to. We’re going to prove our case on our timeline.

There’s no arbitrary time limit to put your claim together. Sometimes insurance company adjusters call up the injured claimant, and they’ll say, “I have to get a statement from you,” or “I’m going to close my claim in five days.” The suggestion is that once the claim is closed, they’ll never be able to make a claim for their injuries, so they feel compelled and they say, “Okay, well, I guess I have to give you a statement and tell you what happened.” It’s unfortunate that some of us fall into that trap because that’s usually the opportunity for the insurance company adjuster to twist the facts and get the injured pedestrian to say things that are going to be bad for their recovery. We don’t need to do that.

We’re always going to be prepared to prove our claim in the form that we choose. Ultimately, that could be a courtroom and everybody is going to be held to the same standard as far as giving testimony under oath, not based on if they felt hurried and they had to speak to an insurance company adjuster on some fictional idea that the claim is going to be closed. Under no circumstances should any pedestrian injury claimant ever give a statement to the insurance company. Call our firm first.

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