Most Personal Injury Attorneys Don’t Go To Court

Many personal injury law firms do not take their auto accident cases to trial.  It’s true, they either refer those cases out to trial attorneys who do, or they settle their claims in house, potentially leaving significant amounts of money on the table during settlement.  The insurance companies know which attorneys take cases to trial, and which ones don’t.  The insurance companies offer low settlement options to attorneys who are not looking out for their client’s best interest.  Taking personal injury cases to court is a risky, lengthy, expensive, and tiresome process.  It takes a lot of preparation and experience to build a case for trial, and many personal injury law firms are not equipped to do so.

At Perenich The Law Firm Clearwater, we are dedicated to our clients and are prepared to take cases to trial if we are unable to resolve a matter with an insurance company.  We are experienced in the courtrooms in Tampa Bay and have decades of experience in front of a jury.  Ultimately, the decision to take a case to trial is up to our clients, but we are prepared to give a solid recommendation.

When choosing a personal injury attorney for a serious injury, consider hiring a law firm who will take cases to trial, and has experience doing so.  Call us for a free case evaluation, 727-669-2828.


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