Mistakes After a Bicycle Accident

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What mistakes should I avoid after a bicycle accident?


A common mistake that people make in response to being injured while operating bicycles is that they don’t contact a lawyer quickly enough. It is critical that they do so. Our firm is exceedingly responsive to the client who comes in after having suffered a bicyclist injury. The reason we do that is because we know that there is evidence that can be lost unless we vigorously and quickly investigate what that evidence is to support the claim.
Another common mistake is the bicyclist injury client doesn’t select the right firm. It is critical that the person who’s been injured while riding a bicycle selects a firm that knows about how to prove the case in court, how to gather that evidence to put that proof together, and of course, knows the laws that are governing traffic.

The worst common mistake is the bicyclist injury client doesn’t get medical care right away. Most of the claims where somebody’s been injured on a bicycle are because they’ve been injured by the negligence of a motorist. That means that Florida automobile no-fault law provides a manner of paying for the medical care. They’ll either get their medical bills paid through their own automobile insurance or if they don’t own a car, from the automobile insurance of the car that hit them. It would be paid right away which affords the injured client to get medical care the day of the injury. Those are the three common mistakes that we see.

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