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Gregory Perenich
9 March 2020

Injured by Gross Negligence

Injured by Gross NegligenceAs citizens of this nation, we all have a responsibility to observe the law. We have rules and regulations to foster a safe society that gives everyone an opportunity to demonstrate their potential. Likewise, we all have the opportunity to seek justice when we have been wronged. If you’ve been injured by gross negligence, know that you have a way to fight back.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit


All personal injury claims are based on negligence, which basically means careless behavior. Gross negligence means the behavior is reckless. For example, a driver runs a red light and injures a pedestrian crossing the street. The driver then calls 911 and gives their insurance information to the injured pedestrian. This is an example of negligence in a car accident case.

Gross negligence would be the same driver hitting the pedestrian, getting out of the car to inspect damage to their vehicle, and then leaving the scene without offering any type of aid. Gross negligence is reckless behavior with a total disregard for a duty of care.

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The threats that an injury poses to an individual and their family requires a prompt, decisive and strong response from a personal injury attorney. Arming yourself with a Tampa Bay personal injury attorney is the first step in the right direction. The life and home that is built over many years cannot be summarily wiped away, merely because another has acted carelessly.

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