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Important Questions After a Bite

Were you or a loved one recently injured by a dog? Watch this video to learn the important questions after a bite that you should ask the owner.

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What questions should I ask the dog owner after being injured?


You may be wondering, “What are the important questions that I can ask the dog owner if I’ve been attacked by a dog?” Important Questions After a BiteFirst of all, if you retain our firm, we’re going to undertake all of that for you, but if you are physically able to have a discussion with the person who’s with the dog, ask him or her who owns the dog. Don’t assume that this person is the owner just because they’re the one who’s walking the dog at this particular moment.
If you can reach your cell phone, take a photograph of the dog and take a photograph of the person who is with the dog. Ask for the name of the dog owner and whether the dog has had all his or her rabies shots. If an ambulance shows up, the EMTs are going to ask those same questions anyway.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured by a dog in Florida and want to know what questions you should ask the dog owner?
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