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Gregory Perenich
24 March 2022

Drunk Driver Hits Largo Police Officer’s Patrol Car

Drunk Driver Hits Largo Police Officer's Patrol Car

An impaired driver collided with a Largo Police officer’s patrol car in the southbound lanes of US-19 Monday, March 21, 2022.

The crash happened at 10:50 p.m. during a traffic stop along U.S. 19 south of East Bay Drive.

The officer was walking back to his patrol car when 36-year-old Hilario Gonzalez Perez slammed his F-250 truck into the backside of his patrol car.

The patrol car and truck were severely damaged. Gonzalez Perez was arrested and charged with DUI, resisting officer violence, and a restricted driver’s license violation. Perez had a blood alcohol level of .16, according to the Largo Police Department. The officer was not injured.

Video of crash as released by the Largo Police Department