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Gregory Perenich
22 March 2021

Drunk Driver Car Accident

Check out this video to learn about drunk driver car accidents in Tampa Bay. Then call Perenich the Law Firm for a free consultation.


How does an intoxicated driver affect my car accident case?


Almost 30 years ago, when I graduated from law school, I started working as a prosecutor for the state of Florida right here in Clearwater in Pinellas County. I was hired by Jimmy Russell and then Bernie McCabe. In that time, I prosecuted and convicted DUI drivers.

Those DUI drivers sometimes caused accidents that caused injury. Now, I work here in this law firm representing the victims of DUI drivers to hold those drivers and their insurance companies responsible for the injuries that they have caused to my clients. A DUI brings an entire new level of responsibility and complexity to a case. A DUI can be the basis to get more than just compensation. A DUI driver with multiple convictions can be held accountable and punished in a civil court on top of what they may have faced in the criminal court.

When you hire me, I put that evidence together. I prepare a case to get all the damages, including what we call punitive damages against those people who are irresponsible and get in a car or a truck and endanger the lives of everybody else on the road. The state does its prosecution. We can use the evidence that they have. We’re going to also do our own investigation and gather additional evidence.

We’re creative. We’re going to find all the ways in which we can hold DUI drivers accountable. Sometimes it’s not even the driver himself who’s responsible; sometimes it’s other actors, including the companies they work for. DUI is a serious crime. It can cause significant injury. People have died.

When victims of DUIs or their loved ones come to us, we want to do right by them. Call me. We’re going to get to work for you. We’re going to get justice for you.


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