Dog Owner Doesn’t Have Insurance

Are you worried that you may not receive dog bite compensation because the dog owner doesn’t have insurance? Watch this video to learn more.

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What if the dog owner doesn’t have insurance?


If you were seriously injured in a dog attack and you have reason to believe that the owner of that animal doesn’t have insurance coverage that would pay your claim, the question is, do you still have a claim that you can present and that we can recover on your behalf? Dog Owner Doesn't Have Insurance The short answer to that question is yes, you do. However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is the financial availability to pay a judgment for that claim. We’re going to do an asset search and check on the owner of that dog. Do not be deterred from pursuing a dog bite or an animal attack claim merely because you suspect that the owner of that animal may not have liability coverage. Let us look at that to make a determination if we can still pursue a claim and recover for you.

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