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Domestic animals, especially dogs trained to be aggressive, are considered to be beloved family members, but when a pet or dog suddenly attacks you, a family member, or a friend, the owner is usually quick to claim they should not be responsible for the animal’s actions.

However, Florida law stipulates that the owner of a pet is liable for all actions taken by their pet. This is true regardless of provocation or prior history. This statute of strict liability provides recourse for victims of animal attacks from dogs to dangerous exotic pets.

Dog bites are the most commonly reported forms of domestic animal attacks in the United States, and they are responsible for hundreds of injuries and deaths across the country each year. Victims of dog bites mistakenly believe that if they were attacked by a dog that had no previous history of violence, they cannot find recourse from the owner for their injuries. However, Florida law states that the owner of a dog or other pet is liable for damages suffered regardless of the animal’s prior history or the owner’s knowledge of potential viciousness. A dog bite is a traumatic event, and there is a very real possibility that someone who suffers an animal attack injury will have to miss work and incur additional costs related to the incident. Pursuing dog bite lawyers to recoup damages is the law and your right.

“Florida law stipulates that the owner of a pet is liable for all actions taken by their pet, regardless of provocation or prior history.”

Florida Dog Bite Attorneys

As experienced dog bite attorneys, we represent victims of vicious animal attacks and their families when owners of dangerous animals put them in harm’s way. Our experienced dog bite attorneys have handled all types of dog bite lawsuits over the years.

Moreover, Florida is fast becoming home to a growing population of exotic and non-native pets. In addition to posing a threat to the local ecosystem, these pets can seriously harm those who are not familiar with their behaviors.

If you or a family member has been injured by an exotic pet, such as a species of python, venomous snake, or other animal or reptile, the owner retains liability for the attack, and you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and other damages.

The Tampa Bay area is home to thousands of pet owners, and we understand the joys and risks of pet ownership. By holding negligent or irresponsible pet owners accountable for the actions of their pets, PERENICH The Law Firm hopes to help ensure a safer society, not only for those vulnerable to attack, but also for the responsible pet owners who take the appropriate measures to help prevent dog bites.

Our attorneys have the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to investigate the cause of an incident, determine the degree of fault on behalf of the pet owner, and pursue a fair and just recovery for the damages on behalf of the victim. If you are in need of a dog bite or exotic animal injury lawyer in Clearwater or Tampa Bay, contact PERENICH The Law Firm  today, and speak to one of our experienced dog bite attorneys.