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Terence Perenich
29 July 2022

Dog Attack in Lakewood Ranch

Dog Attack in Lakewood Ranch

A 4-year-old boy was a victim of a dog attack in Lakewood Ranch Thursday morning in a driveway on Skip Jack Loop.

“I heard screaming, mommy, mommy,” the mother said. “So I ran outside and saw a big dog I have never seen before.”

The mother said she saw her neighbor trying to pull the dog off her son. The neighbor was able to separate the dog and the child, but it was too late. The boy had scratches on his face and a deep wound on his lip.

Then the mother grabbed her son, hopped in her car, and rushed to the hospital. The boy received two dozen stitches on his face.

According to the report from Manatee County Animal Services, the dog’s owner left the animal to stay with his in-laws, who live in Lakewood Ranch.

His father-in-law said they were about to take the dog for a walk, but before they could put it on a leash, it got lose and ran over towards the boy. They rushed to the driveway and pulled the dog off the child.

The dog–a bulldog mix–is now on a 10-day quarantine at the owner’s home.