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Terri Bradley

Director of New Client Services

After more than two decades of experience working for one of the most respected attorneys in the Tampa Bay area, Guy Perenich, Terri Bradley joined the team at Perenich Law Injury Attorneys in 2020 as the Director of New Client Services.

Since her background is in pre-litigation and client intake, Terri was the perfect choice to serve as the firm’s first point of contact for new clients. She guides them through the initial call, appointment scheduling, and their meetings with the attorneys – basically everything required to begin a client case. She understands that clients are often the most vulnerable in the early stages of their interaction with the firm, and her deep experience, strong research skills, and calm approach make her a valuable asset for both the clients and attorneys.

Terri enjoys her work because the firm displays genuine compassion for people in the midst of difficult circumstances. One of her proudest accomplishments was helping a client, who had been a victim of domestic violence, find additional resources in the community such as Hands Across the Bay.

Originally from North Carolina, Terri grew up in the Washington, DC area and later moved to Florida. She is married and enjoys spending time with her family, including her three grandchildren.