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Pedestrian accidents are some of the worst types of personal injury claims that we see. They can be easily fatal and those who walk away from them are incredibly lucky. However, they do often lead to life altering injuries for survivors.

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Tampa Bay Pedestrian Accident LawyersIf you are reading this page, you have likely suffered serious injuries in a pedestrian accident. You may be out of work watching the medical bills pile up. This might be a really bad time for you.

We are so sorry that you are suffering through this. Our Clearwater pedestrian accident lawyers are here to help you through this every step of the way. You deserve to have someone fighting for your justice. We make this process easy for you. Call us today to get a free consultation to get started. Keep on reading to learn about one of our former clients who we helped get justice for after they were hurt in a pedestrian accident.

Clearwater Pedestrian Accident Client Story

We have changed the names and some of the details of this story in efforts to protect the identity of our client. On the Fourth of July, Benny joined his family at a cottage to celebrate. They had the whole long weekend to enjoy. There was a pool, a grill, and a full cooler. That was all Benny needed. The weekend started off great. The fourth was on a Friday, so they all arrived there early in the morning to celebrate.

Between eating and swimming, Benny chatted with his family. One of his cousins brought a girlfriend to the cottage. Everyone was swarming her with questions. It was funny to watch his aunts eye them up. There hadn’t been a wedding in the family in a long time and they had started to give up hope that Benny would be bringing along the next bride. That night they watched the fireworks in the backyard. It was a perfect day.

In the morning, his mother called him on his phone to see if he was awake yet. They forgot to get eggs for breakfast and wanted to see if Benny would go run down and get some from the store quickly. He agreed. He got up, threw on some sweats from his bag and headed downstairs. “Just eggs?” he asked his mother. “Hmm,” she thought for a second, “Maybe some cinnamon for the rolls?” “You got it,” he kissed his mom and the forehead and head outside.

The store was about five blocks away from the cottage so there really wasn’t a point in taking the car. He decided on walking. He got to the intersection where the store was. He checked the road and began to cross. As he was walking, he heard tires squealing. From behind him, a car that was running the red light to turn left did not see Benny in the intersection. They tried to stop but it was too late. As Benny laid there in shock, he wondered if he was dead until he heard yelling from someone.

The driver left their car right there in the road and ran over to Benny. He was already on the phone with 911 when Benny registered that it was the driver who hit him. “Hey, can you hear me?” the man said to him. Benny replied in something just above a whisper, “Yes.” “Can you move? ”Benny wiggled his fingers. His vision was going in and out. Finally, he fell unconscious.

By the time news reached his mom, Benny was undergoing surgery for a broken leg. They put in screws and had him in a cast when she arrived to see him. He was in rough shape. He had a severe concussion and did not remember the accident. It was safe to say that vacation was over. Benny finally came to terms with what happened a few nights later when he was propped up on his parent’s couch back at home. He was so upset. The headaches were so intense sometimes he couldn’t even think. He couldn’t even shower without help.

He was a 28-year-old guy. He liked to get out of the house and be active. This was his nightmare. On the web one day, while he was searching about his accident, he came across our website. He looked it over and decided to see if he had a case. Because he didn’t remember the accident, he didn’t know where the car came from or if it was his fault that it had happened. Soon enough, he made a call to us. We got him set up with a free consultation as soon as possible. During which, he asked us three very important questions that we were happy to answer for him. He wanted to know:

  1. What are the fees for hiring a lawyer?
  2. When will I get the compensation award?
  3. How much is the case worth?

If you are wondering the same things about your case, please don’t hesitate to reach out to set up a free consultation of your own. In the meantime, please continue to read until the end to learn more about pedestrian accident claims.

What are the fees for hiring a lawyer?

Benny wanted to know how much it would cost to have us represent his case. He was worried that he was not going to be able to afford our representation. We were glad to tell him that our representation was free unless we win the case for him. There were never going to be out of pocket or upfront fees. We do not charge retainer fees. We work on a contingency fee basis which means our payment comes after we win your claim. From there, a percentage of the compensation award goes back to us to cover the fees for the lawyers and replenish the costs for the case that the law firm absorbed throughout the claims process. Benny was pleasantly surprised to learn that he was not going to have to pay a retainer fee.

When will I get the compensation award?

Benny was also curious about the timeline of the case. He had no friends or family who had gone through an accident like him before, so he wasn’t sure what to expect. We told him that right now it was impossible to know what the timeline of the case would be. We were going to be looking at a lot of different factors of the accident to make some determinations about who was at fault for the accident which was going to take some time and work. From there, we needed to know what his recovery was going to look like. It was going to be important for us to know what his maximum medical recovery was. This information would tell us when he was done with his medical care. If we rushed into a settlement, we would likely miss out on compensation. For this award to be as full as it could possibly be, we needed to ask Benny to be patient. He understood that it was important that we know everything about his case before we could give him definitive answers. Even so, the insurance company being cooperative was going to affect the timeline in which the case was resolved. If they were not willing to come to us with a fair offer, it would delay the settlement timeline.

How much is the case worth?

This is another question that we told Benny could not give a definitive answer to right away.We needed to know a lot more about his case before we could tell him an exact dollar amount he should expect from the compensation award. The case value is based on how much money that he lost due to the accident. That would include medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, etc. It also included the non-economic damages he suffered. We would be looking to see what type of pain and suffering he had to endure. We would also be looking to see how his life was negatively impacted by the accident. With all this information, we would be able to eventually calculate the compensation award he deserved. Then we would fight against the insurance company to push them to meet us with a fair settlement award offer. Keep reading to learn about some of the mistakes you should avoid making if you want to ensure that the compensation award you receive is as full as it can be.

Pedestrian Case Mistakes

It is very common after pedestrian accidents to feel lost. There are a lot of unknowns right now. It is too easy to make mistakes when you are not sure what the wrong move to make to begin with is. We want to help you avoid making mistakes that will ruin your claim. Here is what you need to know.

Not Going to the Doctor Right Away

You need to make sure that you get to a doctor as soon as possible. This is not something that you should wait to see if your condition improves on its own. You are risking your wellbeing by doing that. There is going to be a lot of adrenaline in your body after you are hurt in an accident. You should never trust the masking effects of adrenaline to mean that you are okay and do not need medical care. The very first thing that you do after you get hurt should be to head to the emergency room, urgent care, or an immediate appointment with your primary care doctor. Not only would delaying medical care put your health at risk, but you may also raise the suspicions of the insurance company. They will try to say that you lied about how badly hurt you were if you delayed going to the doctor. They might also try to claim that your injuries came from something else unrelated to the pedestrian accident. Either way, this is not good for your case. Get to the doctor as soon as you possibly can.

Disobeying Orders from Your Doctor

You are going to get yourself into a whole mess if you do not listen to your doctors. Sometimes you are going to get information from your doctors about physical limitations, follow-up care you should be doing, etc. You need to make sure that you follow all instructions from your doctor. If you don’t, not only are you going to lengthen your recovery period, but you are also going to give the insurance company the opportunity to catch you doing something you aren’t supposed to be doing. If they send an investigator after you to get a picture of you on your feet when you are supposed to be keeping weight off your leg, that is going directly into their evidence against you. Avoid giving them any leverage over you. Listen to your doctors. Follow their advice.

Discussing the Accident with the Insurance Company

Something you should understand early on in your pedestrian accident claim is that you should not think of the insurance company as your ally. They are not here to help you get full justice. They simply want to reduce their expenses. They see your case as an expense that they should be trying to save money on. When they reach out to you after your accident, they will be asking to get a recorded statement from you. It is so important that you do not provide them with one. Nothing in the law says that you need to talk to the insurance company. They are not owed anything from you. In fact, when they call you, you can and should say no and hang up the phone. They are specially trained to get answers out of injured victims that they can use against you. It is part of their job. They do a great job at making you feel like you can trust them. They will tell you that they are on your side. Do not fall for this. Never let them get anything out of you about your case. Let your lawyer handle communication with them.

Waiting to File a Claim

You do not have unlimited time to file your claim. In Florida, you are given four years from the date of the accident in which you can file your claim. That might make you feel like you have a lot of time to reach out to a lawyer to start your case, but you don’t. Immediately after your accident, your evidence starts disappearing. Your witnesses could forget key details about the event that could have helped you in your claim. The sooner you talk to a lawyer about your case, the better off you will be. You do not want to be almost to the end of your allotted time to file a claim and not even had a consultation with a lawyer. There is too much opportunity for you to make case-ruining mistakes if you go that long without having representation. You might be hesitant to talk to a lawyer if you aren’t sure whether or not you have a claim to begin with. We would rather you reach out to us and be wrong than to not reach out and miss out on justice.

Hiring the Wrong Person to Represent Your Claim

You need to choose your lawyer carefully. The person that you hire to represent you is going to make or break the outcome of your case. If you are injured in a pedestrian accident, you should be looking for a lawyer who has a lot of experience handling pedestrian accident claims. You wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t do this on a regular basis to be handling your claim for you. The person who you choose to hire as your lawyer should be handling these types of cases every single day. They should be specializing in pedestrian accident claims. You only get one opportunity to get justice. It might not be the best idea to hire a lawyer who usually does another area of law but has agreed to take on your case. While they might be an incredible family law attorney, that does not make them a great personal injury lawyer. You are also more like to have the insurance come to the table with a fair offer if they know who your lawyer is. They are familiar with trial lawyers. They will be less likely to lowball you when they know your lawyer is willing to take them all the way to trial.

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When you are involved in a pedestrian accident, you are likely feeling lost and upset. These accidents can ruin peoples’ lives. You deserve to get justice for all the damage that you have had to face. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Clearwater pedestrian accident lawyers today. Call and set up your free first consultation.