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Is your loved one being abused or neglected by a caregiver? Our expertise and skill as Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers has alerted us to the many pitfalls that negligence cases can entail. Contact our injury attorneys today to learn how we can hold them accountable.  We offer free consultations.Tampa Bay Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Do you suspect that a loved one is being neglected at their nursing home? It’s not an easy choice to put mom or dad in a nursing home and it can cause a lot of stress and guilt if their facility is being negligent. You trust the establishment to give them good food, social activities, medications, counseling, and a peaceful, abuse-free life. If they are failing to do any of these, it can be devastating. We are here to fight for your family and get you through this legal situation successfully. Please call our experienced Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers today to get a free consultation.

Types of Injuries to Look For

It may not be obvious to you right away that something is off at your loved one’s nursing home. You may think they’re doing perfectly fine until an incident occurs that points towards abuse or you could having a growing suspicion over time. If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of nursing home neglect, there are signs that you should be on the lookout for. The injuries and conditions that you should be looking for include:

  • Bad personal hygiene
    • Their hair isn’t washed
    • Their dental hygiene is getting bad
    • They are wearing dirty clothes
  • A dirty facility
    • Their sheets are soiled
    • The floors haven’t been cleaned
    • The dishes they use are dirty
  • Bruising
    • This is a big red flag for abuse
  • Weight loss
    • When it happens suddenly, it points towards abuse
  • A reduction in mobility
    • They rapidly decline unexpectedly
    • This could show that they’re not getting enough activity
  • Drastic, sudden mood changes
    • It would be out of character for your loved one

Some of these signals are obvious (such as the bruising and poor hygiene) and others are hard to pin down. If you are worried about your loved one, make sure you visit often and keep a close eye on how they are doing. You don’t want to leave them in an abusive environment. As soon as you have reason to suspect they are being neglected, please call our office to discuss your legal options with one of our Clearwater nursing home abuse lawyers.

Reporting Abusive Conditions

The first thing you need to do once you have reason to believe that your loved one is being neglected is report the incident to the proper authorities. There is a time limit, according to Florida law, that begins either at the time of the incident or the time of which you discovered there was abuse. From there, you have two years to bring your claim. These two years go by fast when you consider there is a lot to get done on the legal end of things. For this reason, it’s important that you get to an attorney right away so they can get started on the discovery phase of your case.

You will want to bring evidence with you that documents the abuse. That could include photos, videos, or recorded testimony from your loved one. If there are bruises, soiled sheets, or any other physical signs of neglect, you should take photos of this to have as evidence. You may consider asking the nursing home for the patient records to see if there is anything of use for your claim on it. We will take your evidence and go to work right away to start building you a strong case so that you can recover for these damages.

Nursing Home Abuse Compensation

You are eligible for a nursing home abuse/neglect claim when the facility you’ve trusted has violated their obligation to your loved one. Florida law permits you to bring a claim for compensation in these situations. You may be wondering if your loved in an assisted living home has the same rights, and they do. Compensation that comes from a nursing home abuse lawsuit will end in money damages being awarded by the court or it will end in settlement with the negligent party. This money is to be paid because of the harm the negligent party has put your loved one through.

There are two types of compensation that will be available in some circumstances. There are compensatory damages which, as mentions, is for the damage done to your loved one. It also covers pain and suffering, medical bills that are related to the abuse, and disability. Then there are punitive damages which are sometimes needed in cases where there was intentional and malicious wrongdoing. This doesn’t often happen but it is available to those who require it.

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