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When you have been involved in a construction accident, it can feel like your life is over. You may be watching the medical bills pile up while you continue to miss work. These accidents can have you wondering if your life will ever be the same.Tampa Bay Construction Accident Attorneys

Our Clearwater construction accident lawyers are here to help you get the justice you deserve after you have been seriously injured. We know the struggles that people go through after having been involved in an accident on a construction site. Workers’ compensation hardly ever covers all of the costs of an accident as severe as these. You deserve more. Let us help guide you to justice. If you have been injured due to negligence or carelessness of a third party, we will do everything necessary to bring the case against the liable party. Continue reading to learn about a former client of ours who was injured in a construction accident. Read until the end to also learn common mistakes people make when navigating construction accident claims and why you should avoid them.

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Clearwater Construction Accident Client Story

Names and some of the details of this story have been changed to protect the identity of our client. George woke up at the crack of dawn like he had every workday for the past ten years. He was never late to a work site. He didn’t drink coffee like some of his coworkers who showed up ten to twenty minutes late to work with a cup in their hands. Those guys usually ended up getting canned after the busy season. Today when he arrived, he was contending with some frame work on what was going to soon be a condo complex. As he got to work, he thought about lunch. He almost never had the energy or the appetite in the morning to eat anything for breakfast. George was talking to some of his coworkers when he stepped away from the frame to get more supplies. He needed to get up onto the truck bed to haul out more lumber. He called for a co-worker of his to help him with the load. They got it out of the truck and got back to it.

As he was working, he told the guys on his crew to get some of the lumber out of the way. He had to keep stepping over piles every time he went to unload more from the truck. He didn’t want anyone getting hurt. After several more hours, George stepped away from the project once more. He was off to get some lunch. As he headed away from the site, he walked around the truck and before he could side step, he was tripping over a huge pile of scraps that the guys must have been chucking over the truck as they were working. He landed on a piece of wood that was stuck straight up in the air. The wood splintered and pierced his arm. George howled in pain. It alerted the guys to come check on him. He was laying on top of the wood pile with his arm awkwardly out next to him. One of the guys got on the phone with the ambulance. George cussed up a storm to his crew yelling about how he had told them to pick up. Every time he looked over at the arm that had been impaled by the wood scrap, he started back up his rant. The guys stood dumbly next to him.

The project manager finally came over to see why everyone had stopped working. George explained to him what happened and the manager began to fill out an accident report, huffing and puffing about it the whole time. Finally the ambulance arrived and the paramedics came to tend to George. The splintered piece of wood came with him in the ambulance as they did not want to remove it right away. It was such a big piece. The doctors at the emergency room got the piece out of his arm but he was having problems with gaining feeling back in the arm. There was some definite nerve damage at play here. George laid there in the hospital waiting for an update from the doctor so upset about what this would mean for him. He wasn’t going to be able to get to work for who knew how long. This was an absolute nightmare. Later that week, George got in touch with our office to see what could be done. He asked these three main questions.

  1. How much does it cost to have a lawyer?
  2. When will this case end?
  3. What is my case worth?

If you have similar questions to George, please keep reading to learn how we answered these questions for him.

How much does it cost to have a lawyer?

When George sat down with us, he was mentioning to us how tight money was getting. He was really afraid of not being able to make the mortgage payments on his house with how tight the budget was starting to get. You could sense that his stress levels were too high. It was not good for someone who was in that much pain to deal with this added stress. When he asked us how much it would cost to hire us as his lawyers, we were glad to tell him that having us represent his case was not going to cost him anything. We work on a contingency fee basis which means that you do not pay a penny until we win your claim. He was so relieved to hear that. He was expecting to have to pay a huge retainer fee like his friend had to pay for their divorce attorney.

When will this case end?

When clients ask us when they can expect the case to resolve, we cannot give them any promises right away. First, when we meet for a free consultation, we are just getting to know your case. We have not yet done any investigation about the case. We don’t yet have an in depth understanding about your medical condition. There are lot of details of your case we still need to learn. Until we know what your maximum medical recovery is going to be, we cannot accurately predict when the case is going to end. When we know that you are done with your recovery, we know that you are not expecting to pay any more medical bills. This helps us determine that you are finished with the expenses related to the accident. That is going to be the time when we know what the compensation award should look like. Then we need to contend with the insurance company. If they are cooperative with us, the case can resolve quicker. If they continue to offer us low settlement awards that we cannot accept, then we are looking at a bit of a lengthier process. If they need to be taken all the way to trial, it could be even longer.

We do not want to rush the resolution of these cases. We want to make sure we are getting the best possible outcome for you. We explained all of this to George and told him that his patience would be key to him getting what he was entitled to. He understood.

What is my case worth?

George was curious about what the compensation award would look like. This is a very common question that we get from people during their first consultation. We cannot give anyone a guarantee that early on in your claim. Again, we are just getting to know your story at this point so we don’t yet have all the necessary details to be able to determine the value of your claim just yet. We need to know what your maximum medical recovery is so we know how much money you spent on medical bills. Sometimes people are never going to return to the state of health that they were before they got hurt. That will tell us if they need continued medical care. All of these expenses go into your compensation award.

We also look to see if you have lost earning capacity. Basically, that means you are not able to do the same kind of work or make the same amount of money that you did before the accident. We also consider all of the hurt and suffering you have gone through because of the accident. When you have a reduced quality of life because of your injuries, you deserve full compensation for that.

Construction Accident Case Mistakes

You might feel incredibly lost after your accident. You might not know what to do next. We want to help you understand some of the things you should avoid doing if you want to ensure that you have the best possible chance at success. Here are some common claim mistakes to avoid making.

Waiting to See a Doctor

Too many people want to try to wait and see if their condition improves because they don’t want to pay for the emergency room. This is a terrible mistake. Not only are you risking your condition worsening, but you are almost guaranteed to raise the suspicions of the insurance company. The insurance company is looking for any reason to offer you less money than what you deserve. If you do not go to the doctor right away, no matter how bad of pain you are in, the insurance company can say that you are lying about how badly hurt you are. We want to avoid you losing out on the compensation that you deserve simply because you did not go to the doctor right away. You should not let yourself suffer more than you have to. This is so important because construction accident injuries tend to be quite severe. The longer you go without treatment, the worse it will likely get for you.

Ignoring Advice from the Doctor

Following your first visit at an urgent care or emergency room, you are likely to get advice from your doctors. You may even be told you need follow-up care. You need to make every effort to follow all advice. If you do not, you are putting your health at risk. This is going to make your recovery take longer. Also, when you ignore advice from your doctor, it is often reflected in your medical charts. For example, if you did not go to physical therapy as per your doctor’s advice, then this will be an indicator to the insurance company that they can use this information against you. They will hop on any opportunity to say that you are not as badly hurt as you say you are. To them, ignoring advice from your doctor means you lied about how badly hurt you claim to be. When in reality, the reason you missed a physical therapy appointment was because you did not have childcare or a ride to the physical therapy center. The reason why does not matter to them. It is a way to reduce the claim value. Do everything that you can to follow all advice you get from your doctor.

Talking about the Accident with the Insurance Company

Something you should learn right away about these cases is that the insurance company is not there to help you get full compensation. They see your case as an expense that they would like to reduce. That means giving you low ball offers for your compensation award and hoping you are going to blindly accept it. The insurance companies will likely reach out to you after your accident to try to discuss what happened. You should never provide a recorded statement to them. They get these recorded statements to use against you as evidence. They have special training to get you to say things that will end up harming your claim. We cannot express enough how much of a mistake it would be to give these insurance companies a recorded statement. You deserve to have your rights to justice protected. Giving a statement to them about the accident gives them every opportunity to twist your words which can destroy your case. Let your lawyers handle communication with the insurance company so you never have to worry about saying the wrong thing to them and risk ruining your claim. When they call and ask to get a statement from you, no matter how helpful they sound on the phone, tell them no and hang up. You are within your rights to refuse.

Hesitating to Call a Lawyer

You may believe that your case begins and ends with workers’ compensation. You might be stuck thinking that whatever compensation you get from the employer’s insurance to cover your damages is all your case is worth. You should always talk to a lawyer when you are hurt in an accident that you did not cause. We would rather you meet with us for a free consultation to find out whether or not you have a case rather than potentially miss out on getting the compensation you deserve. You should never be too afraid to ask. We are always here to set up your first consultation with us totally for free. You can get your questions answered. We can guide you through the steps of the case. Do not delay reaching out.

Choosing the Wrong Lawyer

The right lawyer for your case is going to be someone who specializes in handling construction accident cases. They should be well versed in the laws regarding personal injury in Florida. You only have one opportunity to bring your claim. Once it is settled, you do not have the opportunity to go back and ask for more money. Who you hire to handle you claim is going to matter quite a bit. You deserve to have someone who cares just as much about getting justice for your damages as you do. Not only that, they should also be dedicated to your case’s success. You need to make sure that the lawyer you hire to handle your case is someone who has a long list of people they have successfully helped before you. They should be able to tell you many stories of construction accident victims who are better off because of their representation. You should also be able to get the lawyer on the phone when you call with questions. You don’t want to get stuck working with a lawyer who you never get to hear from. When you call them, and they shirk you off onto someone else to answer your questions, you know that they are not as committed to your case as you are.

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